Commission hopeful supports Second Amendment

Published 9:56 am Tuesday, April 22, 2014

First, I would like to thank The Ironton Tribune for the opportunity to reach out to the good people of Lawrence County.

I would also like to thank everyone who took the time to read this article. My name is Tim Edwards, Democrat candidate for Lawrence County Commissioner and I would like to share with you a brief history of myself and a few things that I feel are important here in Lawrence County.

I am the proud son of Paul and Kay Edwards of Deering. I am also a 1982 graduate of Dawson Bryant High School, a United States Navy veteran of Foreign War, Charter member of The American Legion Post number 0806.

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I retired from the Department of Justice where I served as a union steward and chief organizer of AFGE Local 1286. I have also worked for Collins Career Center. I am currently the owner and operator of Tim’s 93 Gas and Go.

I became interested in the Lawrence County Commissioner’s race based on my everyday contact with the hard-working people of Lawrence County, who, like myself see a need for new leadership.

I personally feel that it is not my issues that should take the front seat, but it is those of the people who should and need to be heard.

Like so many of you I have seen the rise and fall of industry in Lawrence County. My father, grandfather, and many other family members relied on this same industry to support their family. These same men are the very ones who instilled hard work, honesty and dedication in me.

I feel the time has come where we can no longer sit and wait for opportunities to fall in our laps. We need to actively recruit and seek out new industry for our county. Lawrence County is not going to go back to its glory days overnight, but there are some things we can implement along the way to help restore the county’s industry to its full potential.

I, like so many of you, have worked, struggled, and survived in this county. Hard work has become my friend and motivation, I am making but one election promise and that is the promise of working just as hard for this county as I have in my professional and personal life.

I am a Democrat, who strongly stands for and supports our Second Amendment rights. I not only support the Second Amendment but also took it a step further by pursuing and legally obtaining my federal firearms license, which allows me to preserve our heritage with the legal sale of firearms.

Lawrence County still has a lot to offer; one example being we have some great natural resources that people travel from all over to enjoy, but the best and most important are the hardworking people of Lawrence County. I believe that Lawrence County can be restored to her former glory or better with hard work, dedication, and loyalty to the county as a whole.

This May 6 I humbly and sincerely ask for the opportunity to work hard and continuous for you, the citizens of Lawrence County to put the people’s issues first, along with upholding and protecting our Second Amendment rights. Please vote for new leadership and a thriving industrious county. Vote Tim Edwards Democrat candidate for Lawrence County Commissioner.


A Man Who Understands

Your Democrat Candidate,

Tim Edwards