Hayes right choice in May

Published 10:34 am Thursday, April 24, 2014

As voters of Lawrence County we need to continue the progress that Freddie Hayes Jr. has accomplished in Lawrence County the past few years. Freddie Hayes Jr. has been a part of an economical team that created more than 600 jobs in Lawrence County.

Freddie Hayes Jr. has also worked diligently to maintain a balanced budget while serving the residents of Lawrence County

Freddie Hayes Jr. has been a voice for the people by opposing a proposed tax levy and has promised to fight against any tax increases in the future.

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Freddie Hayes Jr. has been working on future options to lessen the burden on local rate payers of the Union Rome sewer system.

Freddie Hayes Jr. has been a proud supporter of our Lawrence County youth and 4-H clubs. As past president of Lawrence County fairgrounds, we are very proud of his accomplishments and all the updates and improvements that have been made to the grounds.

Freddie Hayes Jr. has been a proven supporter of public safety by supporting what it takes to protect our homes and families.

Freddie Hayes Jr. is and will continue to be a full time 24/7 loyal and dedicated representative for Lawrence County.

As a lifelong resident of Lawrence County (76 years) I proudly support Freddie Hayes Jr. as my candidate for Lawrence County commissioner.

Please make sure on May 6 to vote for Freddie Hayes Jr., a proven conservative.


Oris Johnson