GED tests important for county

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sometimes life takes people down unexpected paths, either through no fault of their own or through a series of unfortunate decisions.

While graduation is on the minds of many high school seniors right now, there are some students who never reach that milestone.

Those students who don’t receive a high school diploma face a harsh reality when it comes to finding a job, as most employers want to see that their staff has a certain level of competency.

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That’s where General Education Development (GED) testing comes into play. This test, comprised of literacy, social studies, science and math, has allowed hundreds of thousands of people across the country to earn a certification that can ultimately help secure employment and even be a bridge to high education opportunities.

Unfortunately, GED testing does come with a price — a price that rose from $40 to $120 this year.

Luckily, Collins Career Center, who administers the test in Lawrence County, is offering vouchers and scholarships to help curb the cost of the test.

For adults of all ages who struggle with finding work because they do not have a high school diploma, $120 for GED testing could mean the difference in paying vital utility bills or putting food on the table.

Keeping the cost of the test low greatly increases the chance that more people will take advantage of the program.

We commend the staff at Collins Career Center for working diligently to ensure GED testing remains affordable for those who are trying to better themselves.