Politicians robbing Social Security

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 27, 2014

We have people on both sides of the political parties who say they want to secure Social Security.

However these politicians, as the Indians use to say, “talk with a forked tongue.”

They have said for years put Social Security money in a “lock box.” However they have what the worker paid in, for myself more than 40 years, now they call it an “entitlement.”.

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When Social Security was first started it put retirement age at 65, however the life span of a man at that time was 59. So they saw a way to further tax the working man.

With new drugs and better doctors, however, we are living longer, so now many want to cut benefits or to extend retirement age.

Social Security has been used for so many things that were not in the original document and with the president and Congress robbing the money that we paid in for all those years, and just putting an “IOU” where the money was to go, it’s no wonder Social Security is broke, not the working man who paid in for so many years.

So I say throw all the bums out of office and start over.


Homer Campbell