Changes sought for city

Published 10:15 am Friday, May 2, 2014

Good citizens of Ironton, I am a lifelong resident of Ironton. My first cousin was former two and a half term mayor and my uncle was former prosecutor and municipal judge.

A few years back I garnered more than 700 signatures for my mayoral race, yet did not officially enter the race.

In recent months, several good citizens requested I enter the upcoming mayor race. I respectfully declined due to recent illness.

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I inquired, “Why do you folks want a new mayor?” Overwhelmingly, “change” was echoed in my ears.

Dislike of Ironton’s overall condition was their plea: Numerous potholes serious enough for auto damage, alleys in pathetic condition with litter abounding, no outward sign of serious job procurement by the last several mayors, unanimous feeling that Ironton is stagnant. Even though illness has slowed down my vigor. It has not changed my work ethic or desire for a mayor who will turn our beloved city around.

Our next mayor must be a mover and shaker and work for the overall betterment of this fine city. One who cares and is not of self-interest and shows up to work in the morning daily for his or her $68,000 pay.

I’ve found this youthful energetic individual with all the qualities and more. A God fearing, loving person with the experience required.

Ironton, in a few months you will see a calm warm storm blow through the city. After every storm there is that beautiful rainbow. It is coming soon.

Duke Sheridan



Women of Moose thank local McDonald’s for help

Thank you to McDonald’s of Ironton for once again providing donations and help to the children’s Easter party for the Women of the Moose.

Connie Stapleton