Market a healthy alternative

Published 11:32 pm Tuesday, May 6, 2014

This past weekend, the Ironton Farmers Market began its third season of offering a variety of products and, by all accounts, looks well situated to expand on its successful second season.

The civic organization Ironton aLive is continuing to spearhead the initiative and has included several new items this year, going beyond just fresh produce. Some of those items include flowers, baked goods and candy, to name a few.

While the country and region are still facing a myriad of issues, obesity being a major one, products that are freshly grown offer an alternative for those who crave a healthier choice.

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While the opening weekend was this past Saturday, several other events throughout the spring and summer will undoubtedly provide something for everyone.

Having a successful farmers market right here in Lawrence County can help in building a strengthened community. In turn, this helps our local economy, which can have a positive impact that can be realized throughout the county.

This is because, ultimately, the farmers market allows for patrons from around the county and region to purchase an array of fresh fruits and vegetables along with several other items.

This provides an avenue for those vendors to reap the rewards of their harvest.