Garrison claims primary, will face Johnson in November

Published 12:19 am Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Former member of the Ohio State House of Representatives Jennifer Garrison defeated Greg Howard to win the Democratic primary for 6th Congressional District race on Tuesday.

Garrison’s win will see her face current Congressman Bill Johnson in November for the seat.

“I’m very excited to receive my party’s nomination and to officially begin our campaign to defeat Congressman Johnson,” Garrison said in a press release shortly after the results came in.“Throughout this primary, voters have expressed their frustration with the dysfunction in Washington.”

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During her campaign Garrison continually distanced herself from President Barack Obama and other members of the Democratic Party. She did, however, have high praise for West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin for his ability to put party affiliation aside.

“Manchin has been willing to reach across party lines,” Garrison said. “I support the bipartisan Electricity and Affordability Act that he helped introduce. He’s a Democrat who, like me, disagrees with the president.”

Last year’s government shutdown and generally poor approval ratings for those in Washington were also a focal point of Garrison’s campaign.

“Washington is broken,” Garrison’s campaign manager, Charlie Hale said. “People are fed up with what is happening in D.C. and Congressman Johnson is a part of that problem.”

Hale also said Garrison is ready to begin preparing for November and her battle with Johnson.

“We’ve got a good story to tell and we’re excited to go out and tell it,” Hale said. “The people want someone who has a proven record of bringing parties together and that’s what Mrs. Garrison has. She is ready to move on to November and to take on Congressman Johnson.”

Garrison ran away from Howard at the polls claiming more than 62 percent of the votes. Still, she had kind words for her opponent and his campaign.

“I applaud my opponent,” Garrison said. “Greg Howard showed the courage to stand for election and added another voice to the debate. I commend him for his campaign.”

Pedro resident Dennis Lambert from the Green Party was also vying for nomination to face Johnson in November. Lambert received less than 1 percent of the votes in Lawrence County.