Marquee will shine once more

Published 12:05 am Wednesday, May 7, 2014

At long last, it looks as though the historic Ro-Na Theater will have her crown back and sparkling as bright as ever.

The Friends of Ironton took on quite a daunting task in renovating the theater to its former glory, probably no one aspect as delicate as repairing the rusted and burnt out electric tiara that used to beckon arts lovers to her door.

Since last summer, the marquee of the Ro-Na has been under renovation and starting in just two weeks, a crew will begin the process of reinstalling it.

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At the culmination of the reinstallation, the FOI will host its annual fireworks display and follow that up with an official lighting of the marquee.

Rick Jansen, president of the FOI, hit the nail on the head when he said the moment would be “a great milestone for the city.”

Certainly there are many people still living in Ironton who can remember the glory days of the Ro-Na Theater. We hope they, as well as everyone else in the city, will attend the momentous lighting of the marquee.

The FOI have worked extremely hard, as well as other volunteers, during the past five years to restore the nearly 65-year-old landmark.

Show your support for their hard work and for the City of Ironton by attending the festivities on May 23.