Backup plan equals security

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 11, 2014

We are now able to do everything that used to take several hours and possibly days to complete such as buying a car loan or taking out a mortgage. Now it’s as simple as clicking an app on the cell phone and all these things can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. But today what happens if your computer crashes or your cell phone dies or resets and all of your data is gone.

Unfortunately at some point or another we have all been through this. That was the case for me Friday when I woke up to my cell phone in recovery mode and resetting to factory defaults. It is certainly a helpless feeling when you realize all the contacts and photos of family are gone. You also have the feeling that you are missing important messages or phone calls.

Twenty years ago, I can remember sitting in my grandfather’s dark room where he transferred the photos he had taken from a negative to the print. You always had that tangible backup to use. Did the process take longer? Sure it did, but there was certainly a peace of mind that the process had.

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Now it seems that we have to text someone in another room instead of talking face to face.

Sure, it is much easier and certainly quicker to send a text message or use an app instead of sending a payment in through the mail.

There is a vital need for these advances, but it is just as essential to make sure you have a backup plan should the same happen to you. This will be your peace if mind that all your memories don’t go by the wayside.


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