Ironton man on trial found not guilty of punching bartender

Published 11:23 am Wednesday, May 14, 2014

An Ironton man accused of punching and breaking the jaw of a Shenanigan’s bartender last fall was found not guilty after a two-day jury trial.

The jury, eight men and four women, returned the verdict Tuesday, which cleared Daniel Carlisle of a second-degree count of felonious assault.

Carlisle turned himself in this past September after learning Ironton Police sought him in connection with an assault at the bar and dance club on South Third Street.

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A bartender at the establishment, Mark Dickess, said Carlisle had punched him in the left side of his face, causing a broken jaw.

Dickess testified Monday there had been a fight involving multiple people in the bar and employees attempted to clear the bar of patrons. Clarence Smith, doorman at the club, also testified there was a fight and after most of the patrons were outside, he and Dickess went to close the front door of the bar. That’s when the two men say Dickess was punched by Carlisle, who was outside. Another eyewitness, who had been involved in the initial bar fight, also claimed Carlisle hit Dickess.

“We have three eyewitness statements that say it was Mr. Carlisle that struck Mr. Dickess,” Mike Gleichauf, assistant prosecutor, said.

Mike Mearan, Carlisle’s attorney, contended that Dickess’ original statement to police was inconsistent with his courtroom testimony. Dickess told police he had been hit while breaking up the bar fight, while later saying he was “blindsided” while trying to secure the front door.

After the verdict was returned, Mearan said, “I think justice was served. It was presented fairly. The prosecution and defense worked together to present certain facts. … The jury just felt there wasn’t enough evidence.”