Democrats won’t condemn lie

Published 11:10 am Friday, May 16, 2014

When one read Jim Crawford’s colums one can see just why those who come out of college have such a slanted view of the truth.

In his column on May 9 he tried to justify what went on after the attack in Benghazi. While it was going on the people in the White House were watching it for seven hours.

Before it happened, all other countries had withdrawn their embassy personnel and our ambassador had requested repeatedly for more security.

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This would have shown, however, that Obama’s statement that al-Qaida was on the run would have been shown to be untrue. So they denied the request for more security, and even when they were fighting against al-Qaida no help would come. This is fact, which cannot be denied. The forces were waiting for the word to go, however, Obama’s White House just watched them die.

In Jim’s column, they didn’t know on Sunday that this was an attack by al-Qaida, which again is a blatant lie, whether told by Democrats or Republicans.

This administration is the worst bunch of liars that America has ever seen. What will it take for Democrats to wake up and see the truth once in a while? Fast and furious, cover up one, only one died in that.

IRS targeting Republicans, just another lie, targeting journalists next, and President Obama’s more than 100 times saying, “If you like your policy, you can keep it,” even when he knew he was lying all the time.

Then saying there was not a smidgen of problems in his administration. There will be repercussions when all the truth is told.

So, Jim, when you start telling all that was said about Benghazi, not just the Democratic talking points by Hillary Clinton, “what difference does it make” it would seem none to Democrats, who will not condemn a lie when they hear it, see it or know it.


Homer Campbell