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Fishing catches on fast

Kids ranging in age from 4-15 grabbed their fishing poles and tackle boxes for a fishing derby at Lake Vesuvius.

The derby kicked off around 10 a.m. Saturday and it wasn’t long before the children started getting their first bites. Josiah Saulters reeled in a five-pound catfish just 15 minutes after his first cast.

“I’ve been fishing since I was about 9,” Saulters said. “I’m not sure I’ve ever caught one that fast before.”

It was Saulters first time participating in the Lake Vesuvius fishing derby put on by the Ironton ranger district of Wayne National Forrest. He said it was a fun way to spend the weekend.

“You get to get out of the house for the weekend,” Saulters said. “Enjoy the weather and the water. It’s fun.”

Saulters wasn’t the only fisherman who found some quick success. Seven-year-old Jaydn O’Dell caught her first fish of the day after a couple of preliminary casts.

“It just took me a couple of times,” O’Dell said. “And then I caught it. I don’t know what kind it is though.”

Educational stations were also set up around the lake to teach the children about snakes and other local wildlife. Each participating child also received a complimentary hot dog lunch.