IPD: Use caution this holiday weekend

Published 11:12 am Friday, May 23, 2014

With the Memorial Day weekend festivities expected to draw tens of thousands of people to Ironton this weekend, the police department is asking everyone to be cautious of their personal property.

Captain Pam Wagner of the Ironton Police Department said common sense practices can be used to foul up potential thieves’ plans.

“We just ask that people don’t leave valuables in their vehicle or anywhere that might make them easier to be stolen,” she said. “Crimes always increase during the holidays and as popular as Memorial Day in Ironton is we are certainly no exception.”

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Unusually large crowds wreak havoc on even the simplest of processes, Wagner said, and many unfortunate circumstances can be avoided.

“Just be patient, that’s all we are asking,” she said. “Realize there are lots more people in town than usual and be extra cautious while driving or doing practically anything. If everyone respects each other and each other’s property, we can all have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.”

Officers will be out in full force, Wagner said, both in uniform and undercover.