Nice llama you have there

Published 11:09 am Friday, May 23, 2014

There’s a saying that love is like a llama: Awkward, adorable and somehow perfect.

The Good News Llamas, of Chesapeake, on Thursday lived up to their name when they stopped by Close To Home III in Ironton.

The assisted living facility is home to 37 residents and every one made his or her way to the activity room to visit with Triskal, 9, and his female friend, Angel, 8.

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“The residents love this,” Sheila Brown, activities director, said. “They are tickled to death. I’m really enjoying this, too, because they are all smiling and I love to see them smile.”

Close To Home III resident Mary Bishop rushed into the activity room out of fear she had missed her chance to canoodle with the camelids.

“Are they still here?,” she asked Brown. “I’ve never seen one and I want to see one.”

One goal of Good News Llamas is promoting llamas as pets, according to co-owner Judy Ross.

“People are not threatening to llamas,” Ross said as Angel snatched a treat from a staff members lips. “They are gentle and really fun to be around.”

Residents and their relatives joined Close To Home staff and others as they clamored to take pictures with the pack animals and feel their unique soft and lanolin-free wool. The llamas are used in the Ross’ nursing home ministry, Vacation Bible schools, as well as visits to the elderly and the disabled. They are house trained.

Judy operates the farm with Tom and Mitzi Ross. Dale Daniels aids in the handling of the llamas.

To contact Good News Llamas, call 740-867-4267 or visit