Youth program beneficial

Published 12:01 pm Thursday, May 29, 2014

With nearly 200 applications submitted for the summer youth work program through the Lawrence County Department of Job and Family Services, this is an important project that will serve many purposes.

While the county has an unemployment rate that is relatively low, many residents are still looking for work, especially those between 16-24 years of age.

The program can teach those who participate the lessons in real life situations, but also allow, companies to bolster their workforce, without having to extend their expense budgets.

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In some cases, this may go further than a summer job. Depending on the location where a participant works, one may find a career in a field that may have never been on one’s radar.

For employers, this can provide a boost to productivity and help develop the next generation of the workforce.

The ability to help others while teaching and enhancing certain skills along with instructing good work habits is key to the long-term future of the county.

While teaching the younger generation starts at home and school, providing those participants with invaluable experience can help set them apart looking to the future.

We commend all those involved in continuing this program to ensure we maintain the growth and development happening throughout the county.