Agencies join in drug fight

Published 10:33 am Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Many times when watching television shows involving multiple law enforcement agencies working the same case, territorial grandstanding always seems to occur.

Several agencies throughout Lawrence County, however, have worked as a cohesive unit to fight what has become an epidemic with prescription drugs.

Last week this was again the case when the Ironton Police Department’s Drug and Special Response Team arrested three for allegedly selling prescription pills.

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It is of the utmost importance when all of these agencies come together that everyone works together and understands the ultimate goal, which is to work to help rid the county and region of these drugs.

While it is essential for interagency cooperation, until our legal system works to adequately punish those committing these crimes and getting to the suppliers, this will continue to be an uphill battle.

Doing so will continue to help our county and region against this fight that seemingly grows by the day.

We applaud the efforts of those in all of the law enforcement agencies who work each day to make our county safer and work to curb the addiction that has taken hold.

Will there ever be a time when we see a complete elimination of this? Probably not. These are steps in the right direction.