Motion filed to get Biomass land sold

Published 12:01 am Sunday, June 8, 2014

SOUTH POINT — A hearing on a motion for default judgment could bring the foreclosure sale of property owned by Biomass closer to reality.

In November Biomass was one of 10 companies that received letters from County Prosecuting Attorney Brigham Anderson stating that they were delinquent for at least six months on their taxes. Biomass did not respond to that letter.

There are three segments of acreage owned by Biomass that are contiguous to The Point industrial park in South Point totaling approximately 77 acres. Anderson’s letter focused on the parcel on which Biomass owed $30,171.05 in taxes and penalties for the past three years. With current taxes due, that figure has gone up to $39,704.11. The amount owed on the other two parcels totaled $2,574.13 in taxes and penalties. That figure is now $3,767.20.

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“We are asking the court to render judgment against Biomass for the amount of taxes owed, plus court costs and asking the court to order the property sold,” Anderson said.

The motion for judgment was filed on May 29 with a hearing in Common Pleas Court at 1:45 p.m. on July 2.

If the motion is granted, the sheriff would be responsible for the sale of the property.

The auction would start at two-thirds of the appraised value of the property as determined by the sheriff.