Prisoner exchange criticized

Published 10:28 am Tuesday, June 10, 2014

In Friday’s paper, again Mr. Crawford tried to justify the Democrats by saying America leaves no soldier behind.

This has always been true, however in this case, we didn’t leave him behind, he chose to leave his company behind, and look for the enemy, to collaborate with, saying he was ashamed to be an American.

President Obama, (who considers himself above the law) chose to ignore the very law he signed, saying congress shall be notified 30 days in advance before any action is taken. This has aggrevated not only the Republicans, but also the Democrats, who are speaking out against him.

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Neither did he have the approval of the armed forces, nor the Senate in his actions now he wants to blame his mistake on the talking of both parties and not himself.

There will be further action against our troops who are still in the war area and will be more people captured while Obama remains president. His saying the war is over is a blatant lie. They will kill as many Americans as they can, and are embolden by our president, who can’t see what he is doing to our country, or is just so unconcerned not to care.

They are now having people criticize those troops that are telling the truth about Bergdahl and what he said and did when he left, he took no gun, just walked away looking for English speaking Taliban.

What does this say? Why would all people that were around him say the same thing, and did he look like he was on his death bed when the Taliban got their five four-star generals back? Qatar hasn’t said that these men will be watched for a year.They are also an Islamic nation and these men have the run of that country, who can they meet and what will be the outcome of their release.

If you have any common sense you know what will happen, and oh yes at the end of 2014 our troops are to be withdrawn, except for the 9,000 that will be left with no way to defend themselves. Another mistake of Obama. Get them all out, not leave them to be martyr.

Another brilliant mistake by our illustrious leader. When will the impeachment of him who is above the law he signed cost him?


Homer Campbell