Fee proposal right move

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 15, 2014

This week officials proposed a fee at the Lawrence County Airpark in Chesapeake.

The fee would be $25 per month for each airplane parked at the facility. This is a sound decision as it provides another revenue stream to draw from and help ensure the matching funds needed to get grant money from the Federal Aviation Administration.

We also agree, however, that it is important to take the necessary time to look at all the information before commissioners bring it to a vote.

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The county simply does not have the extra funding in the budget to ensure the airpark has the needed support. While it is not ideal to assess fees to anyone, in this case it is necessary to allow the county airpark to remain open.

While it is not used commercially like airports in Charleston or Huntington, it has been and can continue to be an asset for the county.

The airport advisory board and Tri-State Pilots Association seem to have a solid plan, but it is essential to have each piece of the plan developed to properly ensure it meets the needs of those who have lease agreements, the airpark and county.