Rally aims to heal nation with prayer

Published 10:39 am Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Central Christian Church members Michael Murphy and Glenn Robinson have organized a rally set for early next month to heal America.

Like many Americans, the pair feels as if the struggling economy, the more frequent drug use and higher crime rates can be easily remedied through God.

“The way our nation is going just seems to be in a direction opposite of God’s will,” Murphy said. “From the people we have elected and put in charge of our country to how we conduct ourselves Americans are losing touch with the Lord.”

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Not only does Murphy believe God can cure the ailments of America he believes it is the duty of the people to call upon God for that help. He points to II Chronicles 7:14 as the passage that becomes the message behind the Healing Our Nation Rally. In that passage, the Scripture commands God’s followers to put aside their own arrogances and seek counsel in the Lord through prayer.

“The rally itself really is based on and around II Chroincles,” Murphy said. “It tells us that we should denounce our ways and turn to him for guidance and he will in return forgive our sins and heal our land. I think that’s God’s formula for turning our country around and it is really a simple formula.”

The Healing Our Nation Rally is open to everyone in the area who wants to partake in the event, which will feature music, patriotic presentations, and a Biblical message by Rev. Roy Bennett. The rally is completely non-denominational, and that is one of its most important aspects, Murphy said.

“The word ‘people’ in II Chronicles is referring to all Christians, all those who believe in God,” he said. “When you’re in Heaven there won’t be any denominations, so I think it is important we set those aside and come together as the body of Christ.”

The rally is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. July 2 at Central Christian Church on South Seventh Street. Murphy says he understands that other churches will have their services and not everyone will come but does ask a favor of those who cannot.

“If you can’t be there, I ask that during the service at your church you hold a prayer for our nation.” Murphy said. “Our country was founded on God and the Bible and it is time we get back to that.”