Garrison would bring needed changes

Published 10:25 am Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Every child deserves an education that enhances his or her cognitive, physical and emotional development and abilities.

No child deserves less than another because his or her parents are under employed or unemployed, or the locality of the school he or she attends. A child residing in an affluent community and a child from Appalachia deserve the same opportunities.

One setting should not have limited resources while the other has the latest, most advance technology. Schools should be funded equally — it is the right of the child.

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It is time for a change in educational funding, requirements and expectations from Head Start through college. In a little more than 100 days we can make some of these changes happen.

It is time to retire our current Congressman and elect Jennifer Garrison to Congress. Jennifer has a history of supporting education and our children. Jennifer has fought for public education and fairer funding.

As retired educators, we personally know Jennifer believes in education. She will listen and take to heart the options of her constituents.

Jennifer believes in the children of the 6th district and wants fair funding for their education.

We believe it is time for a change and Jennifer Garrison is the change we need in the 6th Congressional District.


Roger and Kathy Bartunek