IRS targets right

Published 10:32 am Friday, June 27, 2014

On my 2013 income tax refund. I received three different letters telling me that I had overpaid and the first letter came to me dated March 31.

This letter did say that I had a mistake in my return and was due more back and it would be sent within four to six weeks. Then when no refund came in early May I wrote to them saying that I wanted my refund. I received a letter June 12 saying that they mailed my check on March 31.

Again I called them and told them I got no check, and they sent me a form 3911 for me to fill out and mail it back, I also faxed it back to them on June 12, with confirmation that they received. However, on the form they had a different date the check was suppose to have been written 10 days before their letter.

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I have called them by phone and each time you have to go through a automated operator, and after you get put on hold each time it has been 30 minutes or more before you get to an operator. I will probably receive my refund in time for Christmas, at least I hope so.

I can see why so many Tea Party people hate the IRS. They do seem to target Republicans. If one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing its no wonder our country is in the shape that its in.

This whole administration from the Senate to all in charge of the White House are so incompetent they should all be thrown out hear first.

Our country is in a downhill slide that we will not return from. Morals are gone; anything goes.


Homer Campbell