The kids are all right

Published 1:15 pm Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Junior, senior showmen exhibit goats

ROME TOWNSHIP — It was all about ease of movement for the judge of this year’s goat showmanship competition.

Julie Morrow, of Newport, said the winners of the junior and senior class each were able to set their goats up with little effort.

Dylan Back, 14, with the Farm Hands 4-H club, took the senior showman award.

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“He did a great job of showing his animal,” Morrow said. “And I was very, very impressed by not only his answers, but how thorough he was.”

This was Back’s second year showing goats. Last year, he took home the junior showman award.

“They (goats) are a fun animal to work with,” Back said. “They are fun to be around and fun to work with.”

The judge noted how cooperative the goat was and Back said it was due to the amount of time spent with his animal.

“I worked with him every morning and every evening,” Back said. “I tried my best to take the best care of him. If you can get them to cooperate, you’ve got it.”

Faith Lambert, 10, with the Starlite 4-H Club, took the junior showman award after the judge said she “moved with such ease with her goat. She had an easy time getting him set up.”

Morrow also said the girl made good eye contact and always knew where to be.

This was Lambert’s third year showing goats and was somewhat taken aback by her win.

“I was a little surprised but I felt confident,” she said.

Lambert said she feels natural showing goats, although answering the judge’s questions is sometimes difficult.

“I have a little trouble with the body parts, but it comes to me like it’s supposed to happen,” she said.

Both Back and Lambert will return to the livestock arena Friday for the showman of showmen competition.