Eliminating term limits not way to go

Published 12:22 am Sunday, July 20, 2014

Our fine city and our dedicated city council have a term regulation set in place which has worked very well for Ironton with the last three or four mayors making progress in each legally allotted time frame for our mayor’s job. I understand the closed issue is being resurrected for council again.

In the political arena I see no value for our city, state or country with over an eight-to-10-year term as governing folk tend to become stale.

A chronic marked long periods of time served results in old political cronyism, a form of controlling government by placing family and friends in strategic positions. A perfect example is of our current president’s hometown of Chicago from 1920 through 1980s controlled with a mayor with an iron fist working side by side with the Mafia — Cosa Nostra. Son of the long-standing mayor took over for a 50-year plus control of city government.

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Ironton has existed well with a term-limit mayor progressing OK with the last two or three mayors. I feel Ironton and city council can continue this progress under the term limit placed in our city rules and regulations.

Council needs to move on with the more important and positive strides. Don’t vote on a dead horse issue.


Charles “Duke” Sheridan