Shelter adoptions benefit all

Published 12:22 am Sunday, July 20, 2014

Searching for the right pet can be a difficult decision sometimes. Likewise, trying to find homes for orphaned pets can present an even bigger challenge.

On Saturday, the Friends of Lawrence County Animal Shelter had a pet adoption to serve multiple purposes. Not only were they looking to pair an animal with a home, but also to help raise funding to continue operations and care for the animals while in the shelter.

The shelter is often quickly filled beyond capacity with 30 to 100 new animals each week, and while the group strives to get the pets adopted, in some cases animals have to be put to sleep.

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Of course, the best possible outcome is to encourage and help more pet owners spay and neuter their animals, but also to find the animals homes.

Although the pet adoption event is over, the organization still needs help with funding.

Or, if you are looking for a dog or cat, the shelter will certainly be there as an asset in your search.

In the end, if the efforts can pair one animal with a new home or a child finds the pet he or she has been looking for, the time and effort by all will be well worth it.