2nd half taxes expected to beat last year’s

Published 11:09 am Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Second half taxes were due on Friday and as staff at the treasurer’s office continues to process the mail, collections are expected to bring in more than last year’s.

“As of Friday collections are $9.8 million and last year it was $10 million,” county treasurer Stephen Burcham said. “We are closing in on what was collected last year and should surpass that. There is still a little bit of mail coming in from mortgage companies.”

Mail, if postmarked by July 18, will be accepted and counted by the treasurer’s office.

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“At this point we are posting all mail we receive and we anticipate being finished this week,” Burcham said. “Online was very busy this year and people are even using it to make contract payments.” “It was steady in the office but we didn’t have a line at all at the windows. People are using banks and online. People who were coming in had other issues like putting something on contract.”

After all collections are posted, the treasurer’s and auditor’s offices will reconcile and then the auditor’s office will dispense the taxes to the various governmental entities and schools in the county.