Second phase of sidewalk project on tap

Published 11:12 am Wednesday, July 23, 2014

CHESAPEAKE — Replacing the sidewalk in front of St. Ann’s Church on Third Avenue in Chesapeake is the second phase of an ongoing village renewal project.

During the summer of 2013 approximately 600 feet of sidewalk on Third Avenue were replaced from just above Triangle Park to the post office.

“The area in front of the Catholic church was broken up really bad,” Patrick Leighty, of E.L. Robinson, said.

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Robinson engineering firm is handling the sidewalk design work. This sidewalk replacement will be about 250 foot or approximately a block long at an estimated cost of $50,000.

“It should go out to bid in about a month,” Leighty said.

Construction will depend on whether designers want the project completed in late fall or early spring.

“It has been a concern,” Father Charles Moran, of St. Ann’s, said of the sidewalk. “We know they have been working on the community on upgrading the front street and it has been nice.”

The sidewalk improvement projects are dependent on when grant money can be acquired.

“We have some sidewalks that are in really bad shape and we would like to get those repaired,” Chesapeake Mayor Dick Gilpin said. “It is limited by formula funding. We are going to try to get a little bit every year and redo our sidewalks. Third Avenue is the priority.”