Two cents shuts off electricity

Published 11:06 am Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Upon my arrival home after a hard day’s work on June 9, I noticed a red sign on my door from Buckeye Rural Electric: “Your service has been shut off due to non-payment.”

I knew I had paid the electric bill prior to the due date, therefore I was really upset because dealing with this utility company is a nightmare. After several calls to customer service by me and my mom with no satisfaction, I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor informed me the service was disconnected due to a two-cent difference between the amount billed and the amount paid.

That’s right, two cents. As ridiculous as it may appear, my electric service was shut off for two cents.

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To make the situation more ridiculous, they wanted a $75 disconnect fee and a $75 reconnect fee and a $389 deposit to cover any future payment discrepancy. Ridiculous, yes.

The supervisor at Buckeye apparently thought it was ridiculous, too, and agreed to send someone to turn my power back on. I’m told Buckeye Rural is not regulated by the PUCO so they can just charge whatever they want and treat customers with abuse.

Buckeye says their rates are comparable to AEP, but you can’t convince me or the others with whom I have discussed my $800 a month 2014 winter bill.

It’s awful and should be investigated by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. I have tried to sell, but the first question potential customers ask is who is the electric source and most don’t want Buckeye.

Their arrogance is apparently approved as company policy by the board of directors, otherwise they would treat customers better. But with no regulation, they may not need to do better.


Joni B. Canterberry