British instructors bring soccer camp to America

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 27, 2014

PROCTORVILLE — For the fifth-consecutive year the Challenger Sports Soccer Camp is coming to Lawrence County.

For a whole week campers will be able to learn the game of soccer from coaches with high-level playing experience. The children, who range in ages from 3-12, will also be able to broaden their cultural horizons by mingling with their British instructors.

“We bring these guys in from England,” Jason Stephens, camp director said. “These are professionals, it would be like us sending our NFL guys over there to teach them football. But, more importantly it’s a chance for these kids to be more well-rounded culturally while learning a fun game.”

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With the World Cup just ending Stephens hopes that soccer’s visibility will help bring more people to the game.

“With the World Cup having just taken place we feel like soccer is at the forefront of people’s minds,” Stephens said. “But, it’s a sport that is growing in America. We have 225 kids already signed up for our youth league and this year Fairland middle and high school are starting soccer teams. So it’s definitely becoming more popular.”

The foreign instructors will spend the week at Stephens’ home, which is an experience Stephens said is a lot of fun.

“We’ll feed them and house them,” he said. “I have teenage boys of my own and most of these guys are in their 20s. So my house turns into a frat house for a week. I have a bunch of college kids with funny accents walking around. But, it’s a fun time and we enjoy having them.”

The camp kicks off tonight a 5 p.m. with a free clinic for parents and area youth coaches at the Ohio University Southern Proctorville Center fields.