Portman takes issue with President

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 27, 2014

In a conference call with Ohio media members Sen. Rob Portman discussed the national debt and took issue with the current administration’s attitude toward it.

“We are in the worst shape we’ve ever been in,” Portman said. “Studies show that in the next 10 years it’s only going to get worse. Experts expect the national debt to double within the next decade if we don’t do something.”

More troubling to Portman than the debt itself was the attitude from the President and his supporters.

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“The current administration continues to act as if this isn’t a big deal,” Portman said. “That’s what is troubling to me is that we have a President who keeps shrugging it off like it’s getting better. It’s not getting better.”

Portman also discussed immigration and took a stance somewhat left of the party line drawn by his fellow Republicans.

“In Southwest Ohio, primarily in my native home of Cincinnati, we are seeing the positive impacts legal immigration can have on the economy,” Portman said. “These immigrants are adding to the workforce and helping improve the local area.”

Portman stressed, however, that while he’s always supported legal immigration, he still wants to see the United States step up its boarder control policies.

“We need tighter boarders,” Portman said. “I’ve always supported and advocated for legal immigration. But, we need to make sure those coming across our borders illegally aren’t hurting the opportunities of those who are trying to immigrate the right way.”