Memories fond of produce man

Published 11:51 am Friday, August 1, 2014

As we drove down State Route 93 a few years back, we came to know a man with a produce stand. He would sit on his porch and wave to friends and family who went by.

A lot of them would stop and buy vegetables. He would put your tomatoes in a brown bag and give you a price; you would be as happy as if you had won the lottery.

We would ask the sweet produce man, Gene McFann, if he would put out a garden the next year. He would also say that he would have to wait and see.

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As time went by, his health got bad and his son was there the past few years to help him. In June, we got a call from my son, Lee, telling us the produce man was in poor health. We were all very sad.

In early June, Lee told us the sweet produce man passed away. His son is taking care of the garden. It will never be the same, but we still hope to get produce from his garden.


Janet Crank

South Point