Convention mixed bag

Published 12:06 am Sunday, August 10, 2014

We have all heard that the state of Ohio is pivotal in every Presidential election cycle.

That may be taken to an entirely different level during the course of the 2016 cycle, as both the country’s main political parties could be headed to the Buckeye state for their respective national conventions.

We already know that Cleveland will be the site of the Republican National Convention in June of 2016, but Democratic National Convention representatives were in two major Ohio cities earlier this week. Evaluations were made in Cleveland last Monday and Tuesday followed by Columbus on Wednesday and Thursday as part of a multi-city tour.

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Other cities still in the running for the Democratic National Convention include

Birmingham, Alabama, Brooklyn, New York, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Phoenix, Arizona.

Since 1900, one state hosting both major national conventions has only happened five times, and in three of the five cases Chicago held both national conventions in the same year with Philadelphia and Miami being the others.

With the current economic climate, this could be a huge boost to the state financially.

So is everything rosy when these types of events come to town? Absolutely not, as the traffic and security becomes much worse. Additionally, the event could have a negative impact to local businesses because those who regularly frequent a restaurant may not want to go out during the festivities. It is important for the committee to have a plan in place that will not only put on a wonderful convention for those coming to town, but to help local businesses not be put on the back burner during the event’s duration.

Ultimately, those locals are the ones that are the lifeblood of the current economy and will be there long after the convention has left town.

Simply put, looking forward to 2016, Ohio’s normal political spotlight will be brightened significantly and could potentially be the center of the countries political world.

Will it all be worth it, only time will tell.


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