LCPA best choice for river site

Published 12:05 am Sunday, August 10, 2014

Little by little, life is being breathed back into the city. Improvements to the Ro-Na Theater continue and the facility is being utilized on a regular basis. The Depot recently joined The Transit Café and Toro Loco as another dining option for hungry citizens.

Mainstay businesses like Unger’s Shoes and Dick’s Music are plugging along, and the Ironton Farmers Market grows each week.

But there are still buildings all over Ironton that have sat vacant for years, especially in downtown.

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One such building, while only recently vacant, has caught the attention of no less than three opportunity-seekers who want to see it turned into something beneficial for the city.

The former Fuzzy Duck property has the potential to be a prime destination restaurant right on the riverfront, something that would rival anything Ashland, Ky., or Huntington, W.Va., has to offer.

But getting the right investors will mean the difference between a business that closes a few months after opening and one that has real staying power.

Of the interested parties — the Friends of Ironton, Lawrence County Port Authority and salesman Rick Stamper — the LCPA is in the best position to see that the vacant building is utilized at its full potential.

We agree with members of Ironton City Council who proposed to lease the property to the port authority. That way, the agency, with its statewide resources, could find the best possible tenant and see that it succeeds in creating a business that would benefit the city.

If the FOI or Stamper happen to be that tenant, great. If not, we are confident the port authority would keep the best interest of Ironton in mind.