Children at the border raises questions

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 17, 2014

For once I’m glad Jim Crawford finally said the Republicans sent more than 400 bills to the Senate, controlled by the Democrats, and how many did the Senate take up?

His comment on the “border crisis,” was not caused by the Republicans, but by the Democrats (Obama) telling the people if their children got across the border they could stay and then their parents could come and live with them. How much money will it cost to raise them on welfare and housing?

I love children and have raised four, however, just who is going to take in the thousands of children who are crossing the border, and the diseases that they are once again bringing into our country, then being bussed into towns and let off, and told make it the best that you can, but be back here in one month?

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Just where are they to stay, what are they to eat and where are they to sleep? Many that are coming here aren’t children. How many are terrorists who just have to show up and are given one month to stay, with no way to check on who they are? What country are they from? What diseases do they have?

How many will Jim Crawford be willing to house, feed and buy clothes for? It wasn’t the Republicans that caused this, but how many will the Democrats take in.

As for finding a solution to the problem, all Obama wants to do is throw money at this problem he caused. He single-handedly has caused more debt to our country than any other president. Yes, even more than George W. Bush, by more than trillions of dollars.

Jim can talk of what the Republicans don’t do, but not what the Democrats do, except lie and make mistakes.


Homer Campbell