Rally ‘quiet’ for officers

Published 12:05 pm Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Despite the large number of people in Ironton during the Rally on the River weekend, local law enforcement agencies reported little criminal activity related to the festival.

“All-in-all it was a good rally,” Detective Joe Ross, of the Ironton Police Department, said. “It was the best crowd we ever had.”

Ross said there were a few fights over the weekend, including one Thursday evening between 10-15 people, but they were broken up and those involved were asked to leave the rally. No one filed assault charges relating to any fights, he said.

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Ross also said there was one accident downtown involving a motorcycle, but the accident was not alcohol related.

“If the rally continues to grow, it’s a great asset for the City of Ironton,” Ross said.

Sgt. Chris Smith of the Ohio State Highway Patrol said troopers, including a few from the Portsmouth post, responded to 10 crashes. Of those, three involved motorcycles, and only one crash, in a private lot, was alcohol-related.

Smith reported one person was arrested for misdemeanor marijuana possession, while two stepbrothers leaving the rally were arrested for domestic violence against each other while driving.

The patrol made six OVI arrests, none of which were motorcycle drivers.

In all, Smith said troopers stopped 183 people for various safety violations, but not all were ticketed.

“For the amount of people we had in town, it was a good weekend,” Smith said.

Lawrence County Sheriff Jeff Lawless also reported a quiet weekend for his deputies.

“It was relatively quiet,” Lawless said. “A little squabble between people from time to time, but nothing that amounted to anything.”

Lawless said there were reports of disorderly conduct outside of town, but nothing that appeared to be directly related to the rally.

“I think things went well and it seemed to be another successful rally,” Lawless said.