Published 11:27 am Friday, August 22, 2014

Any officeholder worth his or her salt knows what it’s like, from time to time, to get in hot water.

But on Thursday Commission President Les Boggs found out what the reverse was like as he took on the Internet rage — the Ice Bucket Challenge.

For the past month celebrities from Oprah to former President George W. Bush to Ethel Kennedy to the man on the street have accepted the challenge whose goal is make the nation aware of ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease. The challenge, if accepted, is to have a bucket of ice water tossed on one’s head and then make a contribution starting at $10 to ALS research.

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If the challenge is refused, a $100 contribution is required.

After the commission meeting, Boggs stepped outside the courthouse with his challenger, Freddie Hayes Jr., sat down on a chair and waited while Hayes hoisted the bucket.

Commission administrator Tammie Goody and the press filmed the watery execution.

“It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be as far as the cold water,” Boggs said. “It wasn’t bad at all and I would like to encourage people to get out and help. ALS is a terrible disease. Hopefully more people will be aware of it through these many challenges and will be generous enough to donate to help find a cure. But this is not just about raising money, but raising awareness.”

Today Jo-Linda Heaberlin, administrator at Jo-Lin Health Care Center, is taking the challenge at 2 p.m. Next week Ironton attorney Scott Evans will answer Boggs’ challenge.


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