County must help take care of its poor

Published 12:01 am Sunday, August 24, 2014

I’m not the only one who thinks the treasurer and commissioners have developed a war on the poor and old people in Lawrence County. For the county to abandon those who are poor and old and cannot pay their property taxes is a shame for everyone.

For the county to give rights to an outside collection agency to apply additional fees and hold a lien on the property is also a shame and in my opinion, a violation of the rights and privacy of these old and poor people.

It’s a dirty trick and some of those who cannot pay will lose their homes. Surely there is a better way.

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The federal government is dealing with the same type of situations now. It’s a war against old and poor people. Call it what it is. Who is going to buy these liens?

Oh, those who are rich, of course.

Well, election time is getting close and people are mad and ready to work the polls against those who are shafting others. I can see signs, Facebook, Twitter, emails, all talking about the war on poor people. It’s the same old story — “You voters play ball with us and we’ll bust you in the rear with a bat.”

Christians in Lawrence County should be upset. Jesus Christ always preached about taking care of the poor. Jesus didn’t mean sitting around while the county turned their houses over to a collection agency.

Come on, Christians. Speak out. This is shameful.


Jon Light

South Point


Schools should be spin-free

I hope Friday’s front page story doesn’t begin a trend of using our schools for partisan political speeches.

While I assume Rep. Bill Johnson only wants the best for Lawrence County and Fairland students in particular, I hope he remembered to tell them that thousands of Ohians now have access to health care for their families, and that because of Obamacare they will now be covered by their parents health insurance while they are attending college, up to the age of 26.

We are all concerned about the rising cost of our healthcare and insurance premiums. Let’s not pretend it just happened or that trying to do something about it is a bad thing.

And lets keep our schools a no-spin zone.


Sue Jenkins