Ironton City Council will vote on pay raises

Published 9:19 am Thursday, August 28, 2014

The lone item on the agenda for tonight’s regular meeting of Ironton City Council is the third reading and possible adoption of ordinance 14-30, which would increase the salary of the vice mayor and members of council.

Ordinance 14-30 setting the salary of the vice mayor and members of city council will have its second reading and calls for an increase in the vice mayor’s monthly pay from $150 to $600 and council members’ pay from $120 to $500.

The pay raise was first brought up by vice mayor Kevin Waldo at the July 10 council meeting at which he said he was opposed to ordinance 08-25 from April 24, 2008, which set the current salaries for the vice mayor and members of council.

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“The reason I am asking this gets done, again it doesn’t affect anyone who is sitting here, but would go into effect for the next term of elected city council members,” Waldo said during a July meeting. I think we need to come up with something that’s going to incentivize somebody to run for city council. I don’t think the current salary of $120 is an incentive.”

Council member Bob Cleary previously said he was also opposed to the salary decrease set forth by ordinance 08-35 and he feels council members put a lot of “time, effort and hours” into their positions and noted none of the current council members would benefit from a raise.

“I agree it needs to be raised,” Cleary said. “None of us sitting here today will see any of it. It’s terrible what we get now.”