Voters should be informed

Published 11:01 am Tuesday, September 2, 2014

With Election Day a little more than two months away, many races and issues will be on the ballots for residents of Lawrence County.

Within that time, all of the candidates and proponents of their respective issues will work to get their message out and participate in debates, but it is important for voters to increase their understanding about the candidates and issues.

Residents of Lawrence County are in a good position because various forums and debates are held throughout the county and provide multiple opportunities for residents to meet the candidates and hear their messages and stances on the issues.

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Traditionally, however these forums have not been well attended.

While it is important for candidates to get their messages out to voters, it is equally vital that all residents get out this fall and gain valuable information about the candidates and conduct research outside of the forums to be as informed as possible on Election Day.

In today’s age, no one should go to the polls with a lack of understanding about the candidates or the issues.

Knowledge and being engaged in the political process is a fundamental aspect of our society and is afforded because we live in a democracy.

It is time to take advantage of each opportunity.