Cleanup everyone’s concern

Published 1:01 pm Friday, September 5, 2014

There are so many groups working hard to make Ironton and Lawrence County a more beautiful and clean place to live. But just as many people as there are volunteering their time to pick up litter or plant flowers, there are those who refuse to do their part.

The Ironton Health Department has been cracking down on homeowners who let their properties become health hazards to the community. Most recently, the agency’s Weeds and Seeds Program cleaned up the exterior of a home on South Fourth Street, plagued with high grass and household garbage.

In addition to keeping the streets and sidewalks clean, city residents have an important duty to keep their own yards and homes tidy and free of trash and other hazardous items. And this isn’t just to maintain a visually pleasing community.

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Unkempt yards and homes can attract an infestation of mosquitoes and other insects, rats, raccoons, snakes and other vermin that can carry diseases.

Although the health department has cleaned more than 80 properties in the past three years, there are still many more dilapidated homes and overgrown yards to combat. Residents must remain patient and hopeful those will be taken care of in a timely manner.

For now, everyone must do his or her part to keep the community clean and report those who are not.