Transit Center open to weekend crafters

Published 12:28 am Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Ironton Farmers Market attracts grocery shoppers to downtown every weekend. Now a group of crafters are hoping they can bring a little something extra to the market and downtown.

Saturday was the first day a group of senior crafters were able to sell quilts and other hand made knickknacks out of the Transit Center across the street from where the Farmers Market is held.

“We all came from the Sybene Center and now we’ve moved down here,” Bonnie Fitzpatrick, the unofficial spokesperson for the group, said. “We make quilts, sweaters and some other things and then we sell them to the folks at the center but now moving here lets us sell to the public too.”

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The group uses the money made from the crafts to buy new materials to make more items to sell as well as to make quilts and crafts that the group donates to assisted living facilities and veteran’s hospitals in the area.

“We’re non profit,” Fitzpatrick said. “We don’t profit off of the things we make. It just gives us the money to keep making more things for people. For us, the important thing is being able to fellowship.

“We’re all older and we have grandkids and things like that in common to talk about. When you get our age you start to lose a lot of your friends because they pass away. We can talk about those things to so the fellowship is a big part of it.”

The craft group consists of Fitzpatrick, Flossy Craft, Barb Browning, Lorene Plybon, Myrtle Stover , Mary Lou Nicely, Dot Collins, and Judy Mills. The Transit Center will host the group every weekend until the end of the Famers Market season.