Design work sought to fix intersection traffic

Published 1:42 pm Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Contracts to start improvement projects at three intersections in the eastern end of the county were approved by the Transportation Improvement District on Tuesday at its quarterly meeting.

“We approved three contracts to assist us in selecting a consultant to design,” county engineer Doug Cade said.

Those intersections are at Solida Road, County Roads 1 and 15 and County Road 410, or Walmart Way.

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The Solida Road project is at The Point industrial park where increased development has created traffic problems.

“We won’t know what the solution is until we get a consultant on board,” Cade said. “It comes from the amount of truck traffic at the area. We want a more efficient flow of traffic.”

The intersection at County Roads 1 and 15 is the fourth highest for accidents on county roads.

“We are looking to improve safety and truck traffic out of County Road 1 that goes to McGinnis,” the engineer said.

County Road 410 or Walmart Way is the No. 1 highest location for accidents for county roads.

“What we are doing is how we can approve the flow of traffic around Speedway and Wendy’s and get traffic through more efficiently,” Cade said.