Calculator shows levy taxes

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 21, 2014

With seven levies on this November’s ballot, voters can now go to the county auditor’s website to determine what their tax bill will look like if the measures pass.

“We do this every election so people will have an idea on what their taxes will cost,” County Auditor Jason Stephens said.

First, property owners go to the auditor’s website and find their parcel.

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“They can go onto the tax tab on the website and there is a link that they can click to view the levy data,” he said.

By clicking on that link they can have an estimate for their half-year tax.

“They can find what people are paying now for a half year,” Stephens said.

If the levy is like the one to support Ironton’s floodwall system that is a replacement with additional taxes, property owners can see what the increase would be as well.

“It is a pretty good gauge,” Stephens said. “It is specific to that parcel. This is to help people make an informed decision.”

The levies to be voted on are Ironton’s flood replacement, South Point police protection and fire renewals for Washington, Windsor, Upper, Chesapeake and Lawrence townships.