Americans can see through lies

Published 10:34 am Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Isn’t it nice to have two Democrats who weren’t there, to call all who were there, that there was no stand down order given to save our ambassador?

The people who were there were told to stand down, and after hearing cries for help took it upon themselves to help and save lives. There was repeatedly more security asked for, however Obama and Clinton knew if they sent help we would know that Obama was lying about al-Qaida being on the run.

So it was much easier to just lie about the whole thing and let people die, and blame it on a video that was a farce to begin with. Boy, what lies the Democrats come up with to protect themselves.

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Most Americans can see through this veil of lies. Why were all other countries’ ambassadors pulled out but ours? Obama has done nothing but lie to the American people. Al-Qaida on the run, keep your policy if you like it, premiums would be reduced — all lies.

The only thing that he has done since he has become president is to fundraise and play better golf. Boy, what a legacy he is leaving. He doesn’t think of himself as a president, but a dictator.


Homer Campbell