Decision on guns right one

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 12, 2014

Recently, Rock Hill Local School District superintendent Wes Hairston announced the decision that it would provide trained teachers who have met several requirements to have access to firearms in the event of an active shooter at schools within the district.

While the announcement brought reservations from some, we feel this decision was correct for both the district and its students and applaud the administration of Rock Hill Local Schools for making what was undoubtedly a difficult decision.

Because of the widespread geography of Lawrence County, the decision simply makes sense because those who are trained and will have access to the firearms are already on scene, can respond immediately and potentially control the situation while law enforcement is en route.

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That is not to discredit the ability of law enforcement, but rather be a supplement to the capability of responding to the scene of an incident.

Another important factor is that although certain teachers have had training and can respond to an instance where an active shooter is present, the firearms will not be carried and are not loaded. Rather, those teachers who have been trained to respond will simply have access to the firearms and ammunition.

While we hope that no situations ever arise that would require the need for those teachers to have to respond to an active shooter, it is important to be organized and have a plan in place.

Unfortunately in today’s society coupled with the increased potential for these types of situations just like the recent threats to schools within the Ironton Local School District and schools in Greenup County, Kentucky, being proactive and prepared in the event this type of incident would develop seems both logical and responsible.

Ultimately, the most important detail and leading factor was that the decision was made with the best interest and safety of each student within the school district.