Bill Johnson has helped Ohio’s veterans

Published 11:54 am Sunday, October 19, 2014

Recently, I attended the debate for the Sixth Congressional District of Ohio. I did not expect to hear what I did — congressional candidate Jennifer Garrison’s outright lies regarding Congressman Bill Johnson’s dedication to veterans.

As a veteran of the Navy, I left appalled. Mrs. Garrison twice made the following ridiculous statement in regards to Congressman Johnson’s veteran-related voting record; “I have a whole list of bills that he’s voted against for veterans… not one bill for veterans in four years.” If that seems not believable, it’s because it simply isn’t true.

The Veterans Access and Accountability Act, Veterans Access to Care Act and the POW Accountability Act are examples from just this summer that Bill Johnson supported; the latter bill he introduced.

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Bill Johnson has helped countless veterans cut through VA red tape, tracked down lost, stolen or never awarded medals for veterans and their families, hunted down missing service records, and assisted with many, many more situations. In fact, it is a certainty that someone reading this letter has been assisted by Congressman Johnson with an issue regarding their past or present military service.

It is clear these statements by Jennifer Garrison are completely untrue.


Jeremy Barton