Support Ironton’s flood levy

Published 11:43 am Sunday, October 19, 2014

In just a few short weeks Ironton residents will be asked to vote on a 2-mill replacement levy that would fund the maintenance of the city’s seven-decades-old floodwall system.

This is a 1-mill increase on top of the already existing 1-mill levy that voters have supported for years.

Although the thought of raising property taxes isn’t what the public wants, unfortunately, it is what the public needs.

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The aging concrete floodwall, earthen dams and pump stations require more maintenance and repairs than the city can afford, taking into consideration the lack of manpower and funds. And if the city does not make the proper repairs as required by the Army Corps of Engineers, the system could be decertified.

If the floodwall system is decertified, Ironton residents can expect to shell out big bucks for flood insurance, much more than the annual cost of a 2-mill levy.

The current 1-mill levy brings in $140,000 a year and expires at the end of tax year 2015. The replacement levy is projected to generate $280,000.

That would be an extra 10 cents per $100 property value to residents — not much when you consider the alternative of paying thousands a year in insurance costs.

Take some time and call for flood insurance quotes and compare the cost to impact of the levy using the calculator on the county auditor’s website,

Since the 1937 Flood that devastated Ironton and much of the Tri-State, voters have continually voted for a levy to protect the homes, businesses and schools in the city.

Property owners should see this levy as an investment to protect the community. That’s why The Tribune supports the levy and encourages voters to do the same.