Volunteers preserve heritage

Published 11:22 am Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Often times it is only the few who offer their free time to volunteer to restore historic landmarks.

But without the hard work of those dedicated few, many important landmarks, some right here in Lawrence County, would disappear into obscurity.

Fortunately for Lawrence County, many historic landmarks have been saved and restored over the years — one of those being the Mt. Pisgah Cemetery in Rome Township.

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Recently the Mt. Pisgah Cemetery Committee celebrated its 10th anniversary and was honored by the Ohio House and Senate for their efforts in cleaning up the once-abandoned hallowed grounds.

Of that committee, Susanne Howard was also recognized by Sen. Bob Peterson.

Although most volunteers will tell you they don’t do the work to be recognized, it is still an honor much deserved by Howard and the cemetery committee.

Without their help, the 115-year-old cemetery would still be overgrown with weeds and filled with litter.

But since the committee was formed, the grounds were cleaned and headstones have been fixed. Lights have been added as well as signage and a memorial headstone. And the committee is currently working on enclosing the cemetery with a new fence.

We commend the work that Howard and the committee have done to preserve Mt. Pisgah Cemetery and part of Lawrence County’s heritage. We hope the community will support them as well and join in their annual clean up on Saturday.