Tell it like it is

Published 1:55 pm Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I don’t know what kind of “Kool Aid” that this man (Jim Crawford) drinks, but his article leaves a lot of truth aside.

What have the Republicans done? Very little except send over 400 bills to the Democratic-controlled Senate who would bring none of the proposals that would help this country provide jobs, reduce the National debt, help unemployment truly be lower, not the fake kind that is put out by the Democrats not counting those who have stopped looking for a job and have more than 90 weeks unemployment.

By the same thing just what have the Democrats done to help this country?

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They have spent us into debt by an additional $7.5 trillion, given us a health care system that is costing the working man higher premiums, higher deductibles and fewer jobs that will happen starting in 2015 (after the election) so as not to let us know the truth now.

We have a president that the only time he speaks (as the Indians said) with a forked tongue. He has told so many lies that even he has forgotten what he said before, even though it is on tape, yet he denies saying it. An administration that is always taken by surprise ISIS, VA, Ebola and so many mistakes and lies that even the Devil is blushing.

Again his truthful knowledge about Iraq, Jim you can’t have it both ways. Bush said before he left office it would be a mistake to pull out all troops, now Obama says he ended the war in Iraq, decimated al-Qaida. If this is decimated what is going on now. Boy are we in trouble.

You like to take credit for the good of Democrats, however it’s both parties of Congress that are at each others’ throats, Democratic Senators pass bills that are tabled in the House, Republicans pass bills that are tabled in the Senate.

Both parties are wrong, not just one. Gridlock isn’t in the interest of America, no matter who’s in charge. Maybe the Democrats will get control of both, or maybe the Republicans will. Nothing could be worse than now.

In the future please tell it like it is, not so slick that a snake would slide off of it.


Homer Campbell