Reining Kasich with your vote

Published 10:20 am Friday, October 31, 2014

To paraphrase the words of a wise man, you can’t always find someone you want to vote for, but you can usually find someone to vote against.

The winner of this dubious distinction in 2014 is the current Ohio Gov., John Kasich.

The governor is leading in most polls. What short memories we have. Not long after his first inauguration he channeled the will of his billionaire backers to attack public service unions. Senate Bill 5 was intended to restrict the collective bargaining rights of public service workers including teachers, police and firefighters.

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Fortunately, a huge grassroots effort resulted in Senate Bill 5 being rejected by a majority of Ohio voters. Unfortunately, it is a lot easier for the governor and his rubber-stamp legislature to enact bad legislation that it is for citizens to get it replaced.

It is no wonder the governor refuses to debate the issues. Someone may ask him difficult questions concerning his attempts to restrict voting rights and to gerrymander election districts. Or someone might ask why a law enforcement officer, just doing his job, merits being called an “idiot” in front of Ohio citizens.

Perhaps the most frightening aspect of this election is what Kasich will do in a second term, without concerns for re-election reining him in.

I fear Senate Bill 5 was only the first salvo in his war against public servants. Will he go after their pensions next? What else does he have in store for urban voters who may not have his preferred proof of identification?

If any of these concerns mirror your own, you should strongly consider voting against Republican candidates for the legislature. A Democratic House or Senate may be the only check on a unrestricted Kasich.


Merlyn Marten